Come and visit LR Data Science at SIAL 2019 in Toronto (Booth 1507)

SIAL 2019

We would love to have a chat at SIAL 2019 Booth 1507 with you. We will talk about all the possibilities that Data and Online Platforms can bring to your Business growth.

SIAL 2019 in Toronto (Booth 1507) will be about Data and Online Sales

The Export arm of Wallonia, AWEX, is hosting us on their 1507 Booth this year.

At LR, our focus is NOT any type of Consumer Goods. We won’t promote Media, Insurances, Real Estate, nice Travels, etc. We leave that to the numerous agencies everywhere.

But helping our Food Manfucturers and Artisan Bakers sell more Baking ingredients and Pastries, this is our passion. Our Data Scientist team in Chicago, Belgium and India will analyse every single detail of your Data. Our Flourish Deli platform will distribute your new products to uncharted territories. All this using a Fast Track method that we’ve built for 10 years using automated AI tools and strong internal processes.

In this 21st century, the richest commodity is Data and we will help you get as much as you can and analyse it for you!

SIAL 2019

SIAL Canada shines a light on more than 20 food-related industry sectors. There’s sure to be room for your products!

From savoury foods to drinks, organic to frozen, fresh products to food-service equipment—every food sector is at SIAL Canada to share know-how and help you grow your business.

LR helps large companies to fastly build models to improve your Revenues

LR Physics helps organizations to collect, process and analyze data. All of this is done with a fast deployment methodology so you can actually observe our Value Added before you even feel our cost. For any help building your Data Science, eCommerce or Blockchain POC, please contact LR-Physics. We will come back to you real quick:

If filling up forms is not your thing, you can call us at the following numbers depending your location:

USA: (314) 399 82 87 UK: (203) 318 23 02 France: (01) 76 39 00 41 Belgium: (04) 268 03 33

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