Product Content Marketing: how to optimize Content and SEO on your Product Pages

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Do you want to improve your Product Catalog visibility on search engines? Your ranking in the search results is based on a well presented Product Content Marketing strategy with a good web copywriting.

The optimization of your SEO will therefore inevitably go through the content of your product sheets, more they are complete and variable and more Google will take you to the top of the pile! The product sheets can be a formidable weapon!

The Role of Product Content Marketing on your eCommerce

The product sheet plays an important role on your e-commerce site, visit their website and learn that in addition to bring you a better SEO, it will play the role of virtual salesman and will make your visitors want to go through the order, goal so much sought!

Discover some tips we using to boost the positioning of our customers:

  1. The URL: Yes, Google is also based on how is written the URL of each of your product pages. The shorter but descriptive it is, the more it will be appreciated in terms of SEO.
  2. The Title: It is important that the title of your product contains the main keyword. If e-merchants often opt for a product title shorter, it is not unadvisable to stand out to have more features into the product name. This will allow to be presented on search engines even with a more vague search from the visitor.
  3. A beautiful product description: A short description followed by a long description are often contain on a product page. The long description must be more detailed and should ideally contain as much text as possible. It will be advisable to use the keyword. Thus, the search engines ensure that the text is related to the product and the keyword referenced. In the end, your description must be an flawless text. It will be both great selling point and an great SEO. Our LR Research Data Science consultants can help you in writing optimized SEO texts.
  4. Selling images: Choose good quality and large-format images (to zoom on the product), preferably with a white background for a professional rendering.

Images can not only highlight your products, but they can also be part of SEO. It is more and more often shown that certain types of searches go through the “images” part of Google, which gives even more importance in the SEO optimization to your images (via the name, via an alternative text, etc.). You will be tempted to use Stock photos, but we can help you getting the best eCommerce Product Photos.

How LR can help

Product Content Marketing

The eCommerce WordPress platforms that we provide allow you a display worthy of the largest online sales sites. It will be decisive for your sales having a layout and visualization of your products that ensure you an optimal referencing on all images.

We can make sure that all 27 control points for MOZ are met when we help you build your Online Catalog. We use Mash’n Learn’s Technology to generate Product Pages in a massive way that quickly hike to Google Page 1.

Visit websites of our customers and make your own experience.

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