Our Suite will upload your entire Product Catalog online on our Insights Marketplace and on Amazon. Our primary focus is to get you FAST-TO-MARKET


LR runs run quick 360° audits on organizations wanting to get their share of the booming Online Market. We call this 3 hours lasting session an eCommerce Audit.

Data Analytics


Our eCommerce Data Analytics Audit will ensure that every effort and investment you make is improving ROI. Our team of Data Scientists has a strong Consumer Goods industry experience.

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Any question is worth asking. If your focus is on Growing Revenues, we surely can help you increase your Sales efficiency with our Data

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We’re fast. As a Sales-oriented organization, we don’t leave your contact unadressed.

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Whatever we’ll do, it will be a fraction of the generated sales. Our Price is a variable cost to you.

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Though our Shareholders are based in Belgium, this Company is ran by Chicago locale staff. You could be hearing a weird French/Belgian accent if you get to speak with one of the founders.

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    Analyzing your Customer Data Flow to improve it

    Take a step back and investigate how your Prospects are showing up on your site (Offsite Performance) and how they behave on your website (Onsite Performance).

    At LR Data Science for Food & Retail industry, we are able to help your Organization to refresh the way users are flowing to the Product and Services.

    Auditing your Site to improve Data Search Terms

    At LR Data Science, we run quick audits on organizations wanting to get their share of the booming Online Market. We call this session an eCommerce Audit. The 2 deliverables of this 3 hours session are:

    • a Heatmap showing the organization readiness to ensure smooth and scalable online sales;
    • a Online Sales Marketing Plan including a detailed assessment and a remediation plan.

    Once these deliverables are in place, the LR Data Science Team assist the Client in implementing the remediations and all leverage to higher Online Revenues.

    Fast Track Online Catalog deployment for Direct Channel Experiments

    Thanks to our team of WooCommerce Experts along with Data Scientists from LR Data Science and Machine Learning analysts, we built our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology. Large companies in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods are now working with us to Fast Track Online Catalog in 17 languages real fast.

    Since Google focused heavily on Quality Content, we’re now able to get your Product Catalog ranked on Page 1 in a matter of weeks, even in days if your Market is niche.

    Making sure your Distributor will be pushing your Products

    Product Brand Owners and manufacturers have to work through distribution channels to market their products. Direct selling is not a growth model all by itself, as the usual best case scenario is topped at 20-50%. This is mainly because the Manufacturers are not organized nor equipped to run small quantity logistics and to prospect massive amount of retailers / customers.

    Distributors buy directly from wholesale manufacturers, then market those products through a network of retailers. Distributors handle the logistics and marketing requirements that manufacturers don’t want to or aren’t able to handle in house.  The manufacturer-distributor relationship benefits both parties. At its best, this is a partnership that helps both partners meet their goals. But in order to get the most out of the relationship, Manufacturers and distributors need to carefully manage the relationship to make sure both parties are in alignment.

    Adding the Online Selling channel to your Distribution mix will give you more visibility on Markets, Territories and Customers habits. Those Data are most of the time hidden by the Distributors as they are the main reason why you need them.

    LAtest NEws

    Time to grow

    No need to overthink this one. You need that Online Channel as fast as you need new Customers.

    From Listing your Products online to organize your Logistics, selling online is the fastest Route-to-Market. In a couple of weeks, you’re up and running.

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    Sites under Management

    As Of Dec 1st 2021, we manage 117 sites over our 12 dedicated servers and 87 AWS + Digital Ocean instances.

    We operate 4 Warehouses, 1.21 millions SKUs and more than 5000 pallets (frozen and dry).

    3rd Party Marketing

    As Of Dec 1st 2021, we manage 60 sites on behalf of our dear Customers.

    We Audit, assist with Planning and Execute Media Plans for organizations from SaaS models to Brick and Mortars.

    Owned Online Shops

    As Of Dec 1st 2021, 57 sites are owned by used, including Markeplaces to Musictechs like Soundwave Art

    Thanks to our deep commitment in eCommerce, you can enjoy of economy of scale.