eCommerce Audit – Setting your Organization to sell Online

At LR Data Science, we run quick audits on organizations wanting to get their share of the booming Online Market. We call this session an eCommerce Audit. The 2 deliverables of this 3 hours session are:

  • a Heatmap showing the organization readiness to ensure smooth and scalable online sales;
  • a Online Sales Marketing Plan including a detailed assessment and a remediation plan.

Once these deliverables are in place, the LR Data Science Team assist the Client in implementing the remediations and all leverage to higher Online Revenues.

eCommerce Leads Acquisition 2019 - eCommerce Audit - Setting your Organization to sell Online
Analyzing the Organization funnel

eCommerce Audit on Organization readiness

Duration: 1 hour
Stakeholders: Logistic and Marketing

Organization readiness steps:

  1. Check Organization ability to ship small quantities;
  2. Check Logistic ability to process returns (Reverse Logistics);
  3. Evaluate digital transformation between Web, Warehouse Management, Invoicing and CRM;
  4. Assess the direct-channel integration between Sales, Operations and Marketing.

Online Sales Marketing Steps

Duration: 2 hours
Stakeholders: Marketing and Product Category Manager

Online Marketing Assessment Steps:

  1. Determine your Business Model related Keyword ranking on Google and Yahoo;
  2. Identify your Competitors marketing strategies/keywords and identify gaps to
    focus on;
  3. Analyze your Competitors keywords and how they rank – check for
  4. Provide a complete List of Used and Unused Marketing Channels;
  5. Build Content Writing and Distribution based on the Keywords;
  6. Analyze your site SEO and list actions to be taken;
  7. Assess potential integration with existing Distributors;
  8. Launch and measure

Interested in an eCommerce Audit?

Throw us an email or speak to us in the below right chat box. We’ll answer quickly.

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