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meet the LR Research Data Science LLC Family

Our Purpose: Helping you getting the FASTEST access to new Markets

Jean-Pierre Vasaune joins LR as Corporate Chef

VP Corporate Chef

Born in Belgium, Jean Pierre Vasaune moved to Illinois to open French restaurants in Champaign and Arcola. He is now managing all Accounts related to Food Items.

Alexia Michelson

Business Development

Alexia Michelson helps your products to be listed in USA.
Her objective is to raise LR awareness to the US Midwest.

Stephan Pire


Stephan Pire manages the Delivery for LR Research Data Science. He helps setting Supply Chain Distribution Routes between coast to coast USA, Europe and Israel.

Audrey Bettonville

Audrey Bettonville
Web Project Manager

Audrey Bettonville manages all eCommerce POC for Procter & Gamble and LR. She builds new eCommerce webshop frontends in no time.

Vince Griff eCommerce Photographer

Vince Griff
eCommerce Photographer

Vince Griff is our eCommerce Photograph in house. Nobody can photoshoot a Donut or a Pastry Bread like Vince does for our Food Items eCommerce.

Vanessa Demain

Vanessa Demain
Product Merchandiser

Vanessa Demain manages the Product Catalog and Categories integration for our eCommerce clients. She’s experienced in managing Web Shops.

We’re number 1 in Specific Products on the US Market. You can get listed as well!

LR Research Data Science LLC

444 N Wabash Ave
Chicago IL 60611

Pho: (312) 312 9637
Fax: (312) 500 5066

LR Research Data Science LLC in Chicago

Our History

In 2013, Dr Leila Rebbouh used her knowledge in Physics and Mathematics to develop algorithms to predict Energy Prices. When Stephan Pire, Supply Chain and eCommerce expert, realized those Mathematical models could be applied to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, he decided to pitch it to his ERP and eCommerce clients.

It took a while to pick up, but in 2014, Procter & Gamble as well as Air Liquide showed interest in the models and asked LR Research Data Science for a Proof-of-Concept trial. After 2 showcases of the technology, it was clear that the Data model for Retail was ready to be sold widely and used for its eCommerce value added.

USA Expansion

Right away, the models were used by American companies to test their products in the European market. Thanks to the Machine Learning technology along with its Team agility, LR Research Data Science started to deploy entire Proof-of-Concept online store with the help of the Vilna Gaon WooCommerce Experts. Vilna Gaon is specialised in deploying Online Stores and maintaining them from Customer Service to Logistics.

In 2014, LR opened an office on Cherokee Street in St Louis to start promoting European webshops to US Market. The Saint Louis office was mainly dedicated to Digital Marketing and used locale resources as Freelancers only.

In 2017, LR Research Data Science attained a new high by being selected to manage Subscription webshops for Oral-B and Lenor Laundry Detergents. The know-how of the LR Research Data Science team as well as its Portfolio gave it the essential credit to be able to tackle any Online Channel implementation for any big player in USA. The knowledge of the US Business Culture coupled with the European Market multi-lingual expertize makes LR the best company to help large organizations to test new Markets. Due to a rising demand in USA, especially in the Chicago area, LR Research Data Science LLC was incorporated in April 2018 to address locale demand and to be able to hire internal employees. Our first employee started on May 1 with the Customer Service attributions.

Legal Informations

LR Research Data Science is a Chicago-based LLC, established in 444 N Wabash Ave, owned by LR Physics Group.

LR Physics Group is a Belgium-based SPRL owned by Dr Leila Rebbouh (75%) and by Vilna Gaon SPRL Company (25).

Mash’n Learn is a Netherlands-based NV owned by LR Physics (20%), by Duynstee Consultancy (40%) and by Vilna Gaon SPRL Company (40%).