You Need Your Own eCommerce Product Photo

Many people opt for stock photography when selling their products online, but is that really the best option? We want our clients and customers to see exactly what they are ordering. Not just a generic image of what looks similar. This is why we feel personal eCommerce product photo is the way to go. Most of our items listed, are the real products you are getting delivered to your home.

Meet Our Photographer-Vince Griff

Vince's eCommerce Product Photo

We have a photographer on staff and ready to capture our products beautifully every time.

When I talked to Vince about this topic, he had some really great thoughts and important reasons on why real product photography is vital.

Here is what our photographer Vince Griff had to say on why you need personal product photography versus stock photography.

“I hear the mention of stock photography a lot nowadays and it makes me cringe every time. That is the easiest way to take away any personality that your website has and will never give the viewer a true representation of the products you produce. One of the biggest way’s you can easily set your business apart from the pack is with your own personal product photography because no one else has the products that you offer.”

Users want to see genuine eCommerce Product Photo

“When a potential client visits your site, they want to see the products they are potentially going to purchase, they don’t want to see a cookie cutter image of something that everyone else has on their site. If you have your own custom product photography, it immediately takes your business to the next level because it’s real and has personality. How is someone going to know what your cookie batter makes unless they see that beautiful, gooey, perfectly cooked, chocolate chip cookie cooling on a wire rack?”

Vince also stated, “It makes the sale so much easier because they know what they are going to get. In my opinion, (having done more photo shoots than you can count), I feel the thing that sets product photography apart from all of the rest, is trying to get away from the plain on white images, and going for more of a propped/staged type of style. The end product is more striking and beautiful. If you want to invest in your business and take it to the next level, going with real product photography is a perfect place to start.”

Interested In Product Photography?

Let us know! We can definitely set you up with photography that will set your business apart from the rest!  Check out at this Banana Bread link how an eCommerce Product Photo can be nice, especially when it’s about Food!

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