Jean Pierre Vasaune joins LR Data Science in Chicago

Jean-Pierre Vasaune joins LR as Corporate Chef

Jean Pierre Vasaune was born in Belgium in the early fifties. While in high school, young Jean Pierre spent most of his free time at his next door neighbor’s bakery where he learned how to master the art of making bread and pastries.

Jean Pierre Vasaune, Corporate Chef at LR

After a brief career with the Belgian Government, he moved to the US with his family and opened “Jean Pierre’s”, the very successful first and only  French restaurant in Champaign, Illinois. Later on, he started the “French Embassy” in Arcola, Illinois later voted “the only French restaurant in a bowling alley in the United States”. A decade later, he served as the executive chef of the Champaign Country Club. While waiting for your meal to be cooked, you can spend some time on sites like 벳엔드.

Jean Pierre Vasaune's field: Food Industry

A few years later, after obtaining an MBA from the University of Illinois, he founded his International Business Consulting firm. He recently joined LR Data Science’s Team to help operate projects along with the Consumer Goods related eCommerce Marketplaces.

LR Data Science analyzes Food Industry Consumer Data

As Product Manufacturer Catalogs are usually very large in any Industry, LR helps Distributors to generate massive eCommerce Shops to test new products in new markets.

Thanks to this fast paced method of implementation, a Chicago-based Manufacturer can now easily test his products on locations it did not cover before. Nobody thinks about those States, but Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and North Carolina per instance are ordering heavily Food Items online.

On top of Content Marketing generation, Sentiment Analysis is used by many businesses, in general, to learn more about their customers and growing sentiment about a brand. Mentions across social media are pulled, compiled, analyzed and even visualized to generate data that can be statistically interpreted and that can drive business decisions. Sentiment analysis is used in the food and beverage industry to understand trends and popular items or goods. For example, those in the craft beer industry might use social media trends — hashtags are a great example — to identify certain popular beverages for their next product release. India Pale Ales may be in high demand at one part of the season but shunned in another.

Tools like Natural Language Processing and Generation are helping companies access deeper insights into their customer behaviour, which they can tap into to  drive sales.

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