Data Science 2020 Prediction: Our Top 5 Forecasts

Online Marketplaces

At LR, we are always looking to support our client’ growth. From internalization to Artificial Intelligence, these are our Top 5 Data Science 2020 Predictions. Here is our Data Science 2020 Prediction Top 5 1. Online Marketplaces will be the 1st source of valuable Data As all industries are now selling on Marketplaces, the Consumer […]

Are you really sure your Distributor is pushing your Products?

Distributor is pushing your Products

Establishing a Direct Sales channel through Online Marketplace is a great and fast way to assess if your Distributor is pushing your Products for real. Making sure your Distributor is pushing your Products Many Product Brand Owners and manufacturers prefer to work through distribution channels to market their products. This is mainly because the Manufacturers […]

LR Data Science eCommerce Snapshot as of September 2019

This is a September 2019 LR Data Science eCommerce snapshot as we’re about to enter the high retail season period. LR Data Science FactsInfogram We’re growing! We will soon reach the 100 eCommerce projects under management thanks to our team located in Belgium and USA. Our platforms, using WooCommerce Open Source technology, are being rolled […]

Online Lighting Catalog – LR helps major Decoration retailers to expand

From the Light Bulb to the Table Lamp, you can find 10 of thousands of products in an Online Lighting Catalog. Those fast moving products are widely appreciated and have a low shipping cost. LR Data Science helps major Decoration retailers to expand in more than 17 languages. We mainly focus on French, English, German […]

Product Content Marketing: how to optimize Content and SEO on your Product Pages

Vanessa Product Content Marketing How To

Do you want to improve your Product Catalog visibility on search engines? Your ranking in the search results is based on a well presented Product Content Marketing strategy with a good web copywriting. The optimization of your SEO will therefore inevitably go through the content of your product sheets, more they are complete and variable […]

You Need Your Own eCommerce Product Photo

Many people opt for stock photography when selling their products online, but is that really the best option? We want our clients and customers to see exactly what they are ordering. Not just a generic image of what looks similar. This is why we feel personal eCommerce product photo is the way to go. Most […]

Udemy Online Courses – MOOC for Data Science


Udemy helps organizations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work. Our curated collection of top-rated business and technical courses gives companies, governments, and nonprofits the power to develop in-house expertise and satisfy employees’ hunger for learning and development. Learn on your schedule with Udemy Investing in yourself through Learning As a society, we […]