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Product Content Marketing: how to optimize Content and SEO on your Product Pages

Vanessa Product Content Marketing How To

Do you want to improve your Product Catalog visibility on search engines? Your ranking in the search results is based on a well presented Product Content Marketing strategy with a good web copywriting. The optimization of your SEO will therefore inevitably go through the content of your product sheets, more they are complete and variable […]

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value with LR Data Science

Data Analytics

Many of you might have heard of the term “Customer Lifetime Value” or “Valuable Customer”. What does it mean? What is it that make a customer valuable? How could we be predicting Customer Lifetime Value? OK Google, what is CLV? Customer lifetime value is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future […]

WooCommerce Experts made this to Fast Track Online Catalog deployment

Fast Track Online Catalog Garden Orchid Store

Thanks to our team of WooCommerce Experts along with Data Scientists from LR Physics and Machine Learning analysts, we built our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology. Large companies in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods are now working with us to Fast Track Online Catalog in 17 languages real fast. Since Google focused heavily on Quality Content, we’re now […]