Automated Pricing Optimization is trending in 2019 – LR Data Science can help you make the right move

Wearables is trending in 2019 - LR Data Science
With 5% of all the Companies willing to invest in Automated Pricing Optimization, you will need some help making the wise choice from the start.

Invest in your Automated Pricing Optimization for a quick ROI

It helps to document yourself by reading a few referenced books: Check all the available litterature on Amazon in the Automated Pricing Optimization category. Automated Pricing Optimization For clients like Leroy Merlin, Procter & Gamble, Puratos, LR has been providing many way to help organiations enabling Consumer Analytics. From massive analysis and automated generation of product catalogue texts, the Research team has provided plenty of tools to help Marketers and Supply Chain Directors to make the fastest decisions based on refined data. On the Supply Chain side, we help reduce the Inventory Forecast Bias by running predictive models over the Consumer Data we gather online. At LR Research Data Science LLC, we make sure our Consumer Goods and Food Industry Data Analytics are implemented in fast and autonomous way. We deal with the data, but we make the extra mile by handling Development, Logistics and End Customer Service. So, your organization size does not allow you to build Automated Pricing Optimization prototypes real fast? You can’t create a new customer in less than a day? You can’t ship small quantities of your product to Consumers and Prospects you want to sample? We can help you getting the whole setup really fast. Our projects take in average 4 to 6 weeks to go live and we help generating qualified leads to make sure your Food Industry Data Analytics are served really quickly. LR Research Data Science is located in Chicago, Tel Aviv and Liege. Handling trends like Automated Pricing Optimization as well as analyzing anything else in the Value Chain is our passion for more than 20 years. Call us at (312) 312 9637 or ask the operator in the bottom right chat window to talk to someone ==>

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