Coronavirus measures at LR

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Since both US and Belgian officials have stated a lockdown, here are the Coronavirus measures at LR Data Science in Liege and Chicago.

Coronavirus measures

Coronavirus measures in Liege and Chicago

All LR staff will be working from Home. There won’t be any commuting or Client visit allowed. We will be able to serve our Workshops using GoToMeeting and Slack and our team continues to support all the 97 websites currently under management.

All Belgian staff without US residency permit will be brought back to Belgium.

No travel is planned from Europe to Chicago nor to Tel Aviv during the month of March 2020.

No LR staff will visit any coworking, including the Liege coworking LeanSquare and the Chicago Shared Office Rent24.

For any request, please feel free to talk to me or to Audrey using the Online Chat on

Any request for WordPress speed up or Maintenance is going to the usual channel.

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