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Mobile-First Approach is trending in 2019 – LR Data Science can help you make the right move

Wearables is trending in 2019 - LR Data Science

With 6% of all the Companies willing to invest in Mobile-First Approach, you will need some help making the wise choice from the start. Invest in your Mobile-First Approach for a quick ROI It helps to document yourself by reading a few referenced books: Check all the available litterature on Amazon in the Mobile-First Approach […]

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value with LR Data Science

Data Analytics

Many of you might have heard of the term “Customer Lifetime Value” or “Valuable Customer”. What does it mean? What is it that make a customer valuable? How could we be predicting Customer Lifetime Value? Before knowing the answer to this question, you can first take a short break on sites such as 벳엔드 환전. […]

WooCommerce Experts made this to Fast Track Online Catalog deployment

Fast Track Online Catalog Garden Orchid Store

Thanks to our team of WooCommerce Experts along with Data Scientists from LR Data Science and Machine Learning analysts, we built our WooCommerce Fast Implementation methodology. Large companies in Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods are now working with us to Fast Track Online Catalog in 17 languages real fast. Since Google focused heavily on Quality Content, we’re […]