Online Lighting Catalog – LR helps major Decoration retailers to expand

From the Light Bulb to the Table Lamp, you can find 10 of thousands of products in an Online Lighting Catalog.

Online Light Catalog

Those fast moving products are widely appreciated and have a low shipping cost. LR Data Science helps major Decoration retailers to expand in more than 17 languages. We mainly focus on French, English, German and Dutch, which give our client a reach to 80% of the European Market and 100% of the North American Market.

How does it work?:

  1. You send us your Product Catalog
  2. Our AI Bot makes sure that all important Data are available
  3. A complete Product Feed is created for your eCommerce site and also for Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Google Products
  4. Chill and watch the Search traffic increasing on your Products Catalog as your ranking goes up

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The eCommerce WordPress platforms that we provide allow you a display worthy of the largest online sales sites. It will be decisive for your sales having a layout and visualization of your products that ensure you an optimal referencing on all images.

We can make sure that all 27 control points for MOZ are met when we help you build your Online Catalog. We use Mash’n Learn’s Technology to generate Product Pages in a massive way that quickly hike to Google Page 1.

Visit websites of our customers and make your own experience.

LR Data Science analyzes DIY and Food Industry Consumer Data

As Product Manufacturer Catalogs are usually very large in any Industry, LR helps Distributors to generate massive eCommerce Shops to test new products in new markets.

Thanks to this fast paced method of implementation, a Chicago-based Manufacturer can now easily test his products on locations it did not cover before. Nobody thinks about those States, but Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and North Carolina per instance are ordering heavily Food Items online.

On top of Content Marketing generation, Sentiment Analysis is used by many businesses, in general, to learn more about their customers and growing sentiment about a brand. Mentions across social media are pulled, compiled, analyzed and even visualized to generate data that can be statistically interpreted and that can drive business decisions. Sentiment analysis is used in the food and beverage industry to understand trends and popular items or goods. For example, those in the craft beer industry might use social media trends — hashtags are a great example — to identify certain popular beverages for their next product release. India Pale Ales may be in high demand at one part of the season but shunned in another.

Tools like Natural Language Processing and Generation are helping companies access deeper insights into their customer behaviour, which they can tap into to  drive sales.

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