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eCommerce Audit – Setting your Organization to sell Online

At LR Data Science, we run quick audits on organizations wanting to get their share of the booming Online Market. We call this session an eCommerce Audit. The 2 deliverables of this 3 hours session are: a Heatmap showing the organization readiness to ensure smooth and scalable online sales; a Online Sales Marketing Plan including […]

LR Marketplaces Inventory – Where can you sell with us?

Thanks to LR’s large Marketplaces Inventory, you can quickly start to sell in new markets USA & Canada (Food and Discretionary) Etsy (Food and Art) Kashrut Baking (Food B2B) eBay (Discretionary) PastryChef (Food B2B) Chef-JP (Food B2B and B2C) Europe (Food and Discretionary) de it and es (Food and Discretionary) […]